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Monday, February 1, 2010

Nuevo vídeo de la OSI para concienciar sobre la privacidad en redes sociales

Se ha publicado el tercer vídeo divulgativo y promocional de la Oficina de Seguridad del Internauta. En esta ocasión se trata de concienciar a los usuarios sobre la importancia de configurar de manera adecuada las opciones de seguridad en las redes sociales.

Noticias de Seguridad Informática

Seminarios web de Linux, gratuitos y guiados por los expertos


Seminarios confirmados (disponibles únicamente en inglés) son:

Una introducción a Git, por James Bottomley.
Problemáticas y ajuste del sistema Linux y Administración Linux 101, por Zonker Brockmeier.
Cómo trabajar con la comunidad Linux, por Jon Corbet.
Un vistazo al sistema de archivos Linux, por Christoph Hellwig.
Btrfs: Una introducción y actualización, por Chris Mason.
Ajustes para el rendimiento de Linux, por Ted Ts’o (contratado recientemente por Google).

El GPS para iPod touch Dual XGPS300 estará disponible este mes

El GPS para iPod touch Dual XGPS300
Dual anunció que su sistema de navegación GPS XGPS300 para iPod touch finalmente estará a la venta hacia fines de febrero de 2010. Este accesorio se conecta al puerto dock del iPod touch y añade un receptor de GPS.

El XGPS300 no solo posee un receptor de GPS sino que también integra una batería recargable y un altavoz amplificado.

Junto con el XGPS300 se incluye un soporte para montar el iPod en el parabrisas del coche y además permite descargar en forma gratuita la aplicación NavAtlas para navegación giro a giro

PoweryBase Wants To Handle Your Bills in Style


If you’ve got stacks of bills to pay and can’t keep them straight from month to month, App Store developer PoweryBase has come to your rescue.

The creators of the excellent NotifyMe (available in both free and paid versions) have just unleashed Bills ~ On Your Table, their latest app for the iPhone and iPod touch which promises to help bring order to your bill-paying madness.

Bills ~ On Your Table is a simple app to store and track various types of bills and expenses with a specific due date, whether it’s repeating or not. Among the many types of bills that the app can make short work of? Phone bills, cable TV bills, credit cards, electric and utility bills, account subscriptions, loans, mortgages -- you name it!

The main purpose of Bills ~ On Your Table is to prevent you from forgetting -- when a bill or an expense is due, you are reminded to pay it. Thanks to the main overview screen as well as push notifications (both before and at the time the bill is due), you can always stay on top of your due dates. Best of all, the app is complemented by web access where you can also create and manage bills which sync back to your device.

Bills ~ On Your Table supports all 170 currencies, can track your bills and mark them as paid or unpaid, keeps a payment log with a history of your actions, supports auto pay, includes a passcode lock to keep your data safe from prying eyes, lifetime push notifications (with no subscription fees!) and a gorgeous interface that’s well worth the price of admission alone.

The 5.3MB Bills ~ On Your Table download requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with the iPhone and iPod touch. The app just launched and has a $1.99 introductory price for a limited time, so be sure to grab it before the price goes up.

Novedades de la editorial Anaya Multimedia

Novedades de la editorial Anaya Multimedia

3ds Max 2010

Autores: Montaño La Cruz, Fernando y otros
Referencia: 2311207
ISBN: 978-84-415-2692-1
EAN: 9788441526921
Precio sin IVA: 23,75 Euros
Precio con IVA: 24,70 Euros

Windows 7. Guía del Administrador

Autores: Stanek, William R.
Referencia: 2301823
ISBN: 978-84-415-2696-9
EAN: 9788441526969
Precio sin IVA: 66,15 Euros
Precio con IVA: 68,80 Euros


Autores: Peña de San Antonio, Óscar
Referencia: 2311208
ISBN: 978-84-415-2693-8
EAN: 9788441526938
Precio sin IVA: 23,75 Euros
Precio con IVA: 24,70 Euros

Facebook: Aplicaciones profesionales y de empresa

Autores: Bravo de Pablo, Sagrario y otros
Referencia: 2315597
ISBN: 978-84-415-2687-7
EAN: 9788441526877
Precio sin IVA: 22,60 Euros
Precio con IVA: 23,50 Euros

Aprende jQuery 1.3

Autores: Chaffer, Jonathan y otros
Referencia: 2315585
ISBN: 978-84-415-2665-5
EAN: 9788441526655
Precio sin IVA: 31,35 Euros
Precio con IVA: 32,60 Euros

Peter Eötvös - Chinese Opera, Shadows, Steine

Peter Eötvös - Chinese Opera, Shadows, Steine

Another Eötvös i can´t see in the excellent posts of denegado. In this ocassion the same Eötvös conducts the Klangforum Wien.

Peter Eötvös - Chinese Opera, Shadows, Steine - Klangforum Wien, Eötvös
Classical, Avant | APE, CUE, LOG | 58:32 | 253 MB (WinRAR+3% recovering) | Booklet scans
Kairos 0012082 | Released in 2000



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Stone Seminar 5 with Butch Morris – Stone

Punk Bop (Ari Hoenig/Jonathan Kreisberg/Will Vinson/Danton Boller) – Smalls

Nat Jantoff/Tim Clarkson/Nathan Peck/Dave Zebroski – 55 Bar early show

Mike Stern/Francois Moutin/Lionel “King” Cordew – 55 Bar late show

Nash Bridges THE GIG Nate Chinen Jazz at Lincoln Center Ted Nash

A few years ago, saxophonist and flutist Ted Nash received a commission from Jazz at Lincoln Center, in cahoots with the Museum of Modern Art. The result was Portrait in Seven Shades, a program that premiered at Frederick P. Rose Hall. A companion studio album is due out a week from today. (It’s available for preorder through Amazon, where you can preview tracks.)
A few recent spins of the album -- Jazz at Lincoln Center’s first release in conjunction with the Orchard, and its first new release of any sort in nearly four years -- reconfirmed my enthusiasm for the music. Nash, whose solo career, while always mindful of traditions, reaches well outside a “traditional” nexus, features the orchestra in its most flattering light. The playing is strong, the writing robust. I imagine it will go over just as well next week (Feb. 4 to 6) as it did two years ago.

Back then, I covered Portrait with a lengthy feature about Nash and his project. There’s not a whole lot to add now, except that I’m especially glad no Picassos were damaged in the making of this piece. Also: if you have five spare minutes, check out the accompanying video (scroll past “multimedia” down to “video,” and then watch in Full Screen mode). In addition to Nash’s comments and some rehearsal footage, you’ll see a shot of this reporter interrogating his subject in front of Demoiselles d’Avignon. Ann Temkin, soon to be installed as MoMA’s chief curator, was smart enough to stay out of the frame.

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