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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Health Care Reform Infographic – Changes Coming!

Health Care Reform Infographic – Changes Coming!: "

Health Care Reform

While I rarely try to comment on politics, I was recently sent this graphic which outlines the impending changes to the Health Care reform that was signed into law a few months ago.

For most people, health insurance plays a big role in personal finances (sometimes good and sometimes bad). Courtney and I currently paid $138/month for high-deductible insurance (it’s either $2,000 or $3,000 deductible). We basically just want to cover catastrophic-type events.

Personally, I’m not really for or against these changes. I won’t be at any tea parties, but I didn’t cheer in victory when Obama signed it into law. The biggest concern for me is children. I think minors under 18 should be fully covered no matter what. No pre-existing condition garbage. This includes pregnant women, as well.

Beyond children, I’m not such a fan of mandated health insurance. I think adults should have that responsibility fall upon themselves. I would be in favor of having a government sponsored option and very strict penalties on abuse from insurance companies, though.

What are your opinions on the Health Care reform changes?

Leave the sensational politics on the sideline please. I don’t want to hear about socialism, communists, or racism.

I’m more interested in the specific changes and how they may/may not affect you. Do you see these changes affecting your finances (besides a potentially increased tax burden)? Would you personally take advantage of any of the above?

Interested to hear your thoughts!

Note: Thanks to, a site where you can compare health insurance options, for allowing their infographic to be shared!

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