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Friday, July 9, 2010

Pool or Beach? The Summer Dilemma

Pool or Beach? The Summer Dilemma: "[ By Marc in Travel & Places. ]

A trip to the pool or beach is practically mandatory to beat the summer heat, and dragging the same dented bucket for playing in the sand, and swinging the typical ratty towel over your shoulder, just gets old. Spice up your summer with some of these awesomely creative inventions and accessories:

(Images via infobarrel, inewidea, uniquedaily, yourfunnystuff)

Sandals are a summer must, but it’s easy to grab the blandest fare from the beach store, when you don’t have to shoot for the mundane. Here are some examples of creative sandals with varying levels of comfort, which are unvaryingly interesting. Some sandals can disguise themselves as shoes and others can hide alcohol; some can massage your feet, and others can cling without any visible straps:

(Images via guidespot, funtimesinflatablesandgifts, dvice, boingboing, babble, toplessrobot)

The inflatable alligator and inner tube are the classic visions of pool toys, but times change, and inflatable toys have become incredibly creative and divergent from the originals. Alien ships, water-pumping floating palaces, and entire glaciers with slides… are all available.

(Images via crave, hamptons, 3pad)

The pool does not have to be isolated from the comforts of the home. With beautiful jellyfish lamps, a nice floating aqua pub, and a remote control food and beverage container… there’s only additional incentive to hang out in the pool on those hot summer days.

(Images via weirdworm, memoirsoffashion, highsnobiety, populargoodness, coolest-gadgets)

Sunglass styles change consistently and constantly, but like any fashion, the old styles and the dead ends have a tendency to look a bit ridiculous. When designers go out on a limb, they often fall off. Feel free to stop at a gas station and pick up a $10 pair, as it can’t look worse than these expensive versions.

(Images via walyou, chipchick, igreenspot, limitedfun)

Umbrellas never seem to evolve, but change is around the corner. Some umbrellas are now solar powered (and beautifully lit for nighttime lounging), and others can now change color depending on temperature.

(Images via i-page, comparestoreprices, snitchseeker, reigninggifts)

Beach towels are often the most boring aspect of any beach or pool visit, but this doesn’t have to be the case. No matter if you have light or dark humor, love science fiction or fantasy, or just want something that looks good, don’t settle for the bland one-tone towel and shoot for something with a bit of creativity.

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