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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How-to: Print Your Address Book

How-to: Print Your Address Book: "

I’ve used Outlook for years and decided to try to use Apple’s Address Book instead. It’s user-friendly, but at times, it’s too limited in what it can do. One of the things I liked about Outlook was its ability to print what you see on the screen onto paper. Address Book prints as if it’s a list and never saves those items you would use every time. Is there a better way?

Address Book has a few options for printing, and they’re kept in the Print dialog in a dropdown labeled Style. It can print your contacts in a list, create a mailing label or an envelope with a contact’s address, and create a “pocket address book” that looks like the classic paper address books with letter tabs running down the side.

Use the checkboxes to decide what fields Address Book should print.

When you’re printing a list of contacts, that list can include whatever data fields you like--email, phone number, address, photo, nickname, birth date, you name it. To make sure you’re seeing everything you’d see on an Address Book vCard, select all the checkboxes. It’s a shame that Address Book doesn’t remember your choices between printings, even if you save your choices as a preset. But it shouldn’t take that long to check the boxes again the next time you’re printing a batch.

An alternative option for printing exactly what you see on the screen is to make and print PDF files of your Address Book contacts, although it’s a tedious process since you can only do one vCard at a time. Press Control-Shift-Command-4, which turns your cursor into a crosshair. Select the area you want to copy, and release the mouse button. You’ll hear the shutter sound signaling a screenshot, but no screenshot file is created right away--instead it’s sent to the clipboard. Open Preview, and select File > New From Clipboard (Command-N) to paste the clipboard contents into a new file, which you can save as a PDF and/or print.



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