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Thursday, July 29, 2010

How To Ignore a Software Update

How To Ignore a Software Update: "

My Software Update application keeps asking me to install these Digital Camera Raw Compatibility updates, but I don’t have an SLR or any camera that shoots RAW images, so I’d rather not install that update. How can I get Software Update to stop asking me?

It’s easy to tell Software Update that you’re not interested in a particular update--its feelings won’t even be hurt. Just highlight the update in the list, and either press the Backspace key or go to Update > Ignore Update in the menubar. That update will disappear from the list, and Software Update will never bother you about it again.

Sorry, Digital Camera Raw Compatibility--you're not invited to my update party.

But what if you get a shiny new SLR for your birthday and decide you want those compatibility updates after all? No worries. Fire up Software Update, and choose Software Update > Reset Ignored Updates, which adds all the ignored updates back to your list, where you can download and install them, or re-ignore them, at your leisure.

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