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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

CDMA iPhone Contract Reportedly Awarded To Pegatron

CDMA iPhone Contract Reportedly Awarded To Pegatron: "

CDMA2 A Taiwanese newspaper, DigiTimes, is reporting that Apple has awarded a contract to Pegatron Technologies to develop a CDMA iPhone, according to AppleInsider. It's pointed out that DigiTimes hasn't always exactly been accurate when reporting about all things Apple, however, they do have a better record than others when it comes to reporting on manufacturing contracts.

Back in February, DigiTimes had made an announcement that Pegatron won out in the contract bidding for building the next gen UMTS iPhone 4. But at the same time, former Mac minis, iPods and the iPad have all been developed by Foxconn, which is Apple's main supplier.

had also claimed that an upcoming new iPad would feature an OLED display, going against their credibility. The periodical also made an incorrect announcement in 2006 that Apple would be working with AMD to deliver notebooks using their CPUs, and then last year reported that Apple was working on a netbook that would be delivered in 2009.

For those unfamiliar with Pegatron, they are a young Taiwanese company that formed during the restructuring of Asustek, which had then resulted from a break up between Asustek's Asus-branded items, its PC manufacturing performed under the name of Unihan, and then contract manufacturing under the Pegatron name.

Regardless of when AT&T's exclusivity contract actually ends, the rumors of a CDMA iPhone are seeming to pick up steam as time ticks on.

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