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Thursday, August 5, 2010

LiveRider Turns iPhone Into Full-Fledged Bike Computer

LiveRider Turns iPhone Into Full-Fledged Bike Computer: "


There are a number of Bike Computer apps in the App Store--Cycle Meter, Cycle Tracker, and Cycle Watch, just to name a few--and while they all do the job of tracking your speed, route, time, and miles, none of them are really all that accurate. Plus, it's just sort of a pain to pull your iPhone in and out of your pocket or bag to access its cycling functions. There are mounts, but these don't solve the accuracy problem. The solution? Enter: LiveRider.

LiveRider is a $99 kit that includes a shockproof iPhone mount, app, and wireless sensor. Unlike any other iPhone cycling solution on the market, it actually comes with a magnetic sensor that attaches to your wheel (like a traditional bike computer) and a receiver that attaches to the dock port of your phone. The results should be much more accurate than just having a cycling app.

LiveRider measures speed, cadence, power output, calories burned, and lets you compete against your best times, like most apps on the market. But, the other hardware it comes with is impressive. Will it be worth paying for, despite the fact that even the most expensive wireless cycling computers are under $100? While no cycling computer will have a screen as nice as your iPhone, you've already paid for that. But, it is always nice to have constant access to your phone while biking.

LiveRider is currently available for all but the 2G and newest iPhones, but we're sure they won't exclude iPhone 4 users for long.

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